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The Ulster DNA Project

The goal of the Ulster DNA Project is to further the study of Ulster surnames, families, clans, and tribal affiliations of the people of Ulster and their descendants throughout the Diaspora. The Ulster DNA Project will use Y chromosome test to accomplish this goal.

Ulster has several factors that have made family research and surname study there very problematic, however DNA testing has given researchers a very powerful and effective tool to bring clarity and uncover obscured Ulster history.

The Ulster DNA Project will not only further one’s family history, but also has the goal of showing a family’s origins, clan affiliation when appropriate, and even deep ancestry dating to tribal times.

Anyone with Ulster ancestry is urged to participate. This includes Ulster families of Native Irish, Hebridean Gael, Ulster Scot and English Settlers, Norman, Welsh, Frisian, Manx, etc., origins. 

We recommend either the 67 or 111 level Y-DNA test for surname research.  Only men carry the Y-chromosome used in this test and it will follow a man's direct paternal line only.  Our ladies use a proxy male from the line they are researching to test for them. 

Link:  Join Ulster Heritage DNA Project

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