Thursday, 20 August 2015

McCain's Corner: Epigenetics

McCain's Corner: Epigenetics: Epigenetics is the study, in the field of genetics, of cellular and physiological phenotypic trait variations that are caused by external o...

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Unknown said...

Thank you to all the wonderful researchers on McAmis and especially to Ed McAmis. I am the great granddaughter of Thomas Akin McAmis of Crittenton County, Ky and of Hardin County, Elizabethtown, Ill. It is as if this one time postmaster of Marion, Ky and Elizabethtown, Ill just vanished in thin air. He was married also to Minerva J. Mott who is buried next to him in the Hurricane Cemetary, Tolu, Ky. They produced my grandfather John Thomas McAmis who left his wife, Mary J. Ledbetter and son Leon Clifford McAmis to move to Colusa, CA. She filed for divorce, her brother Q.A. Ledbetter handling the complaint, and one month later she marries LaFayette Twitchell who was also referred to as "grand daddy Twitchell" and of whom we have a wonderful photograph. Mary is the daughter of James A. Ledbetter of Hardin co and was VERY prominent. Twitchell went on to become a very famous water rights attorney who died in Denver, Colorado. He is memorialized in a museum in Santa Fe, New Mexico. How have all of these people just disappeared?
Back to Thomas Akin McAmis -every resource just states Greene Co., Tenn. I need to go to Colusa, CA where Thomas Akin McAmis' son
moved, but it won't help much in my knowing if we are Scottish or Irish. Did Ed McAmis publish a book? If so I would be interested. Thank anyone for any help. Joan Catherine McAmis Good, Nevada City, CA