Friday, 26 September 2014

The Ulster Heritage DNA Project Update

The Ulster Heritage DNA Project has 3,028 participating families.  The haplogroups associated with Insular Celts continue to comprise the majority of those families tested with the R-M222 the most numerous with R-L21 following closely.  Other haplogroups of note is the I-L126, which is associated with Scotland and thought to be one of the early, pre R1b, populations in Scotland. 

We are slowly getting the results pages to reflect the amazing progress the geneticists have been making in locating new haplogroups.  Eventually, with these many new downstream haplogroups, a geographic area will be linked to them.  We will post news on this as it becomes available.

We continue to add book titles for sale for families doing genetic genealogy.  Most families will notice a geographic pattern to their match group, especially if they have done higher level testing.  After a geographic location of interest appears then attention can be given to the early primary sources for that area.  Given the static nature of daily life in Ulster in the 1600s families tended to remain in the district for generations.  If a family has a DNA connection to a district then these early primary sources, which often list the families in a district, can provide valuable information.  

Link to access the Ulster Heritage DNA results.

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