Thursday, 22 August 2013

Ulster Historical Foundation Update

Our next course 'Trace your Family Tree: A Beginner's Guide' will start on Tuesday 24th September (7pm-9pm) for 10 weeks at Stranmillis College, Belfast. Dr William Roulston will be running a course on 'Plantation Towns: the urban history of Ulster in the 1600s' from Friday 18th October for 6 weeks, also at Stranmillis. For more information & to book a place on either course, please email or ring 028 9038 4345.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Scottish and Irish Dress in the 1500s

This illustration is from the Códice De Trajes Biblioteca Nacional de España c.1529 and shows the dress of Irish and Scottish Gaels.  Both figures are wearing a Léine, the long shirt like tunic that was the common element in Gaelic clothing for many centuries.

New England Scots-Irish

Link to excellent website with data on the Scots-Irish in Maine;  Ulster Scots in Maine

Monday, 12 August 2013

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Irish Food Heritage Project Update

The Irish Food Heritage Project has been entered into the Arthur Guinness Projects -Food Section. Below details why the Guinness fund has been set up .

The Arthur Guinness Projects - Championing the talent and creativity of Ireland.

The Arthur Guinness Projects - Championing the talent and creativity of Ireland.
The Arthur Guinness Projects exist to celebrate and reward the next chapter of Irish talent and creativity. We are looking for extraordinary people with innovative, inspiring, brilliant ideas, and the passion and drive to make them happen. So if you have a potential project in Music, Sport, Arts or Food that would benefit from financial and practical assistance, this is your chance to bring it to life.
Please take 1 minute to vote .click on the link below ,you will be asked to click on your Country and age before voting. Your support is greatly appreciated .If successful this help from Guinness will help drive the project further mutually beneficial across all sectors.
Irish Food Heritage Project  is a multifaceted award winning food heritage initiative which seeks to promote the North West as a cultural culinary tourism destination and drive inward investment into the Irish agri-food & tourism industry using a range of food heritage revival products/services, including: Guided tours, Education projects, Exhibition trailer, catering services, publication, app, TV programming and website..
Thanks again for your continued support.
Emmett McCourt
Feast or Famine
Irish Food Heritage Project
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