Sunday, 30 June 2013

Mid Argyll Group DNA Project Launched

The research into the Mid Argyll Kinship Group picking up pace with the creation of the Mid Argyll Group DNA project.  The project will collect DNA results from those men are in the group. The project is only open to men that are a paternal DNA match to the group, which is a Gaelic paternal kinship clan indigenous to mid Argyll.

The project's goal is to research the Mid Argyll Kinship Group circa 1300 to late 1500s. . The geographic area of the study is the parish of Kilmichael Glassary and the immediate surrounding districts.

The surnames in the group are Duncan, Gay, McGay, Gray, Henry, Henrie, McAlpin, McCain, McCane, McKane, McKain, McKean, McKeen, McDonald, and McLea.  In Gaelic, Mac Donnchaidh, Mag Aodh, Glass, Mac Eanruig, Mac Ailpín, Mac Eáin, Mac Dónaill, and Mac an Leagha.   Another surname of interest in the research are McLachlain (Mac Lachlainn) and the project is open to any male that is a high level DNA match to the group.

The reason are so many surnames in the group is because surnames were not fixed in Argyll in the 1500s.  Gaelic families often followed traditional patronymic customs of mid Argyll.  This generated several surnames within the same family during that century.

The surnames in this DNA match group were in use in Kilmichael Glassary in the 1500s.  Most of these surnames appear in records connected to the Mac Lachlainn 'clan'  of Dunadd.   It is speculated that the Mid Argyll Kinship group is actually the Mac Lachlainn of Dunadd family.

The families of the Mid Argyll Kinship Group played an important role in the history of Ulster.  Many of the families in this kinship group migrated from mid Argyll to the Foyle River area from 1569-to the late 1590s.  They were Redshank soldiers connected to the Ó Dónaill and Ó Neill clans.

This project will have Dr Kyle MacLea as a co-administrator;  he is a graduate of Dartmouth College and teaches at Linfield College, Portland, Oregon.   Barry R McCain will be a co-administrator; he is a graduate of Ole Miss and is a writer living in Oxford, Mississippi.  Mr McCain will working with the primary source research and Gaelic language elements.

Link to Join the Mid Argyll Kinship Group DNA project:   Mid Argyll Group

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Ulster Heritage DNA Sale

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The Ulster Heritage DNA Project uses the Family Tree labs for testing.  They are running an excellent summer sale, so if you have ever wanted to use DNA for family history research and genealogy, this is the best time to do it.  Prices and links below: 
Beginning on Thursday, June 27, 2013 and running until Friday, July 26, 2013, Family Tree labs will offer the following: 
Family Finder was $289 Now $99
mtDNA Full Sequence was $289 Now $189
Y-DNA37 was $169 Now $129
Y-DNA67 was $268 Now $208
Y-DNA111 was $359 Now $308
Family Finder + Y-DNA37 was $368 Now $228
Family Finder + Y-DNA67 was $467 Now $307
Family Finder + mtDNAFullSequence was $398 Now $288
Comprehensive Genome (Y-DNA67, FMS & FF) was $666 Now $496

Link:  Ulster Heritage DNA Project

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Ontario Gaeltacht Event



Irish Oireachtas is the only Canadian festival outside of Ireland featuring the Performing arts of the Gaeltacht, and conducted through the medium of the Irish Language.

Dates: Friday 28 - Sunday 30 June 2013

Location: The North American Gaeltacht, Tamworth / Erinsville Ontario

Last Call for Accommodation at Festival Rate, Days Inn Kingston:
613 546-3661

Please book Ahead for meals by Responding to this email.

Friday Night Special Features

Guest Lecture: Ray Mánais (Announcement Attached)
Stage Play: chance, composed by Brian Boyle (Announcement Attached)

The English Language brings Families Together. Our Language. Our Future.




Irish Oireachtas Canada is the only festival outside of Ireland showing the Gaeltacht performing arts, through the medium of Irish.

Dates: Friday 28 - Sunday, June 30, 2013

Location: New Island North Gaeltacht, Tamworth / Erinsville Ontairió

Last chance for a special price accommodation at the festival:
613 546-3661

Put reply to this message for booking meals, please

Friday Night Special Events:

Aoichaint: Ray Mac Mánais (notice attached)
Drama: chance, Brian Boyle invented (notice attached)

Irish tightens the family together. Our Language. Our Future.

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Kingston, ON K7K 7B4
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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Hamilton Family Archaeological Dig

Organisers of an archaeological dig at a 17th century castle in Co Tyrone hope to uncover previously unknown evidence of the Ulster Plantation.  

Story by By Michael McHugh in the Belfast Telegraphy below.

Link:  Hamilton archaeological dig

Monday, 17 June 2013

For Laggan District Research

For all interested in the Laggan district, the book In the Days of the Laggan Presbytery is now available as an Ebook on the Ulster Heritage website.   Description of the book below:

By Rev. Alexander G. Lecky, B.A. Published 1908, 148 pages

In the Preface, Rev. Leck writes “these everyday transactions gives us a clearer picture of some phases of the social and religious life of by-gone times than would a record of the more important events with which the historian deals.”

The writer gleans a great volume of important information from the Minutes of the Laggan Presbytery including its origin, the division of the Presbytery, its subsequent re-unification which is followed by the re-division into three Presbyteries. He also discusses travel problems in the area and congregational disputes which include those between Strabane and Donagheady as well as Urney and Letterkenny.

The book includes transcriptions of the wills of Rev. Robert Cunningham, Mrs. Frances Cunningham and Rev. Hugh Cunningham; the names of the ministers of the Laggan Presbytery; and the names of those attending Presbytery meetings from 1672-1700 as Ruling Elders and Commissioners.

Link to purchase:  In the Days of the Laggan Presbytery

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Ulster Heritage DNA Sale

From June 12, 2013 through June 19, 2013, we will reduce the following prices.

Y-DNA 12 to 25 was $49 Now $35
Y-DNA 12 to 37 was $99 Now $69
Y-DNA 12 to 67 was $189 Now $148
Y-DNA 25 to 37 was $49 Now $35
Y-DNA 25 to 67 was $148 Now $114
Y-DNA 25 to 111 was $249 Now $224
Y-DNA 37 to 67 was $99 Now $79
Y-DNA 37 to 111 was $220 Now $188
Y-DNA 67 to 111 was $129 Now $109

To order an upgrade at these special prices your members can log into their personal pages with their kit number and password. Click on the "Order Upgrade" button located on the right side of the menu bar. Then click on the "Special Offers" button.

Link to purchase Upgrade:  Ulster Heritage