Monday, 1 April 2013

Ulster and the Scottish Lowlands, genetic links

The Niall of the Nine Hostages haplogroup (genetic signature) was one of the first large family groups discovered by DNA testing.  It was designated as the Northwest Irish modal, because so many Irish in northwest Ireland have this paternal ancestry. It genetic short hand it is called the R-M222 family.

The R-M222 branch of the Y-DNA tree  has a single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) called M222. As more men participate in DNA testing an interesting pattern has developed.  This diagnostic marker is not only found in many individuals whose roots lie in the counties of Northwest Ireland and Ulster in general, but it is also found in the Scottish Lowlands.

The map above shows the area where this profile is most often found. In the county of Donegal an incredible 20% of the population share this paternal ancestry.  The map shows where the R-M222 is found in significant numbers, but it is also found throughout Ireland and Scotland, from the Orkney islands south to the shires of northern England.  It even shows up in Iceland and Norway.


d said...

Hello Barry McCain,
My heritage is Antrim,Sligo, Connaught, and Ct. Clare, my family names are Kane, Hunter, Mulligan, Farrell, and Connerton
My maternal great grandfather was Daniel Hunter (1798-1864) of Ballyvoy and Ballycastle, but I cannot get beyond him. I suspect his family was of the Scots Galoglass because he was Catholic.
The Ulster DNA project sounds to be what I need. I have had a profile done through 23&Me which shows the Y-DNA as R1b1b2a1a2f2.
What is my next step?
Dan Connerton

Barry R McCain said...

I suggest you do a 'transfer' to the Family Tree Company. In my opinion they have the best set up to explore genetic genealogy and one's ethnic history. The Ulster Heritage Project uses Family Tree. On your family; Gallógliagh descendants can be either Catholic or Protestant. Usually, a Gallóglach descendant will show distant matches in Argyll or the Hebrides. We have quite a few Gallóglaigh and Redshank descendants in the Ulster project.