Thursday, 14 February 2013

Ulster surnames; Mountain

The surname Mountain might seem a strange Ulster surname, but is simply an anglicised form, in this case a straight translation of the Gaelic surname Ó Sléibhín, or descendant of Sléibhín.  Sléibhín is a diministive of Sliabh (a mountain).  In Ulster, the name of a branch of the Cinel Eoghain.  Ó Sléibhín is also anglicised as Slaven. In the Ulster Heritage DNA Project there are several Mountains families that match Slaven families. When researching one's family history it is always helpful to know both the Gaelic and various anglicised forms of a surname.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Donnchadh Mór

Link to short article on an Ulster Redshank family.  The Redshanks were Highland Gaelic families that migrated to Ulster in the 1500 and 1600s.

Donnchadh Mór

An Ulster Shannon Family

Shannon is the anglicised form of the Gaelic surname Ó Seanáin.  One Shannon family from Ulster is asking assistance in the search for their family history.  They are participants in the Ulster Heritage DNA Project and their match group at the 67 level includes several Shannon families and one McKee (Mac Aodh) family.  Below is a short summary of the family's genealogy.   All Shannons are encourage to participate in the DNA project and also, if you know more about this family's history to post a comment with your contact data.

Looking for Descendants of Andrew Shannon


1.  Andrew Shannon, born in 1780 in Ulster.  He married Margaret Judge.  Her date of birth and marriage are unknown.  They had one son, James Shannon, born in 1798 in Maghera, Co. Londonderry.


2.  James Shannon married Maria Meek in 1818 in Tullyroan, Co. Armagh.  She was born about 1798 in Tulyroan.  James Shannon was a subscriber from Maghera for two copies of the book The Orange Minstrel, or Ulster Melodist, by Robert Young, Londonderry, 1832.  The location and dates of death of James and Maria are unknown.


James and Maria had four children:

            i.  Margaret Shannon, born 10 Oct 1820 in Coleraine, Co. Londonderry.

            ii.  William Shannon, born 23 Feb 1824 in Maghera, Co. Londonderry.

            iii.  James Shannon, born 2 June 1829 in Maghera, Co. Londonderry

            iv.  Thomas George Shannon, born 21 June 1837 in Magherafelt, Co.



3. Margaret Shannon married James McKay on 8 June 1852 at Dungiven Church of England, Co. Londonderry.  James McKay was born in 1832 in Ireland.


Margaret and James McKay had three children born in Ireland:

            i.  William James McKay, born 22 April 1854 in Londonderry, Co. Londonderry

            ii.  Mary Charlotte McKay, born 26 Sep 1856 in Londonderry, Co. Londonderry

            iii.  Joseph McKay, born in 1861 in Londonderry, Co. Londonderry

Margaret and James McKay and their three children immigrated to Canada in 1861 and died there.


4.  William Shannon immigrated to Canada in about 1849 and died there.


5.  James Shannon married Letitia Leathem on 1 Jan 1856 in Portadown, Co. Armagh at St. Gobhan’s Church of Ireland, Seagoe Parish.  She was born 8 March 1828 in Ireland.  James and Letitia had one son, Robert Walker Shannon, born 2 Nov 1856 in Portglenone, Co. Antrim, and the three immigrated to Canada in 1857 and all died there.


6.  Thomas George Shannon immigrated to Canada with his brother James and his family in 1857 and he died there.