Monday, 30 April 2012

News From the Ozarks

 The Ozark mountains in Arkansas and Missouri and the Ouachita Mountains in Arkansas, were settled by Scots-Irish in the early and mid 1800s. The uplands there have remained a homeland of traditional Scots-Irish people and culture.  Links to the State of the Ozarks E-zine below.
Talking Rocks (Fairy Cave), Ozark Gardening, Aunt Pena &  Shoo-Fly Pie
(StateoftheOzarks Issue 233, April 29, 2012)
 Been thinkin’ about... 
Just enjoyin’ being editor. It’s a lot of work. No doubt about that. But the folks I get to meet, the stories I get to write, the photos I get to take? It couldn’t get any better than that. This week, our signature article is all about the beautiful and mysterious Talking Rocks Cavern (formerly known as Fairy Cave for the oldtimers):
Talking Rocks (Fairy Cave):
Also included in this issue? Articles on Ozark lettuce, the amazingly tasty Reisentraube tomato (yep, it’s definitely time to start gardening), the memories of “Elias Tucker” all about Aunt Pena (one of my favorite stories on StateoftheOzarks), a review of the bluegrass album, One Lonely Shadow and a recipe for Shoo-Fly Pie. Also, don’t forget we have Ozarks photography workshops coming up really soon:
Hope ya like it! As always, thanks for reading and God bless,
Joshua Heston, editor

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