Friday, 2 March 2012


Dave Swift in Gallóglach dress
In the photo above is archaeologist and actor, Dave Swift, with authentic Gallóglaigh dress and arms. Dave Swift is with the Claíomh group that provides Gaelic living history and military personnel for a wide range of events, including films and TV programs.  Link to their blog:  Claíomh

Gallóglaigh families are found throughout Ireland.  The Gallóglaigh families originate in the Hebrides and west Highlands of Scotland.  They settled in Ireland from 1250 AD to 1350 AD, eventually become their own 'clans' throughout Ireland.  They were a warrior caste in which the sons of a Gallóglach would follow his father's profession.  Gallóglach is the singular and Gallóglaigh is the plural. 

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