Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Dave Swift
Above is a test shot from the upcoming film Treásach which begins filming in the west of Ireland in March of 2012.  Dave is dressed in very authentic gear used by Gaelic nobles and heavy infantry in medieval Ireland. 

The plot is set in Set in XVI century Ireland. Làisrean- shamanic leader, his son Treàsach and few remaining members of his tribe are being hunted down by his English allies. Alger and his ruthless mercenaries have been sent by the commander of their outpost as they have been informed that Làisrean and his daughter withhold a secret to an ancient ritual which they think will make their army unstoppable. By making the ultimate sacrifice and using the power of the ritual, Làisrean, will make Alger and his men pay for all atrocities done to his people.

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