Monday, 11 July 2011

Old Time and Bluegrass in the Ozarks

 Conar McCain and Donovan McCain perform
From the State Of the Ozarks E-Zine:

Maybe the best part of the Ozarks is the music.

You know, when your heart is down, there's something about music that just helps. I listen to about every genre of music there is, but I always come back to good bluegrass when I'm down. But, how do you know good bluegrass? Reckon that's all subjective, but for me, it's a song that makes you feel stronger and feel like crying... all at the same time.

It's the heartache of the mountains, the mist of a dark world left behind, the melody of the wind in the pines and the quiet, haunting drip of water in a West Virginia (or Ozarks) cave. It's dark and light, all at once, like the moon through the shadows.

And when it's done right, it'll get into your heart and just never let go. Reckon I got some work to do.

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Ozark Old Time & Bluegrass Schedule

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