Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Canadian Headstone Project Update – Now a Non-profit Corporation

The following announcement was written by James A. McKane of the Canadian Headstones Photo Project:
The mission of this project is to capture digital images and the complete transcription of  headstones of our ancestors. As decades pass, it is becoming harder - if not impossible - to read the inscriptions these stones originally contained. By archiving the images and transcriptions, these important records are saved.
As such, last year our concern became the longevity of the project and website.  There are many websites which archive cemetery photographs and other valuable genealogical information; however, virtually all of them are under the control and ownership of one person. This leads to the strong possibility that all the records and hard work by many volunteers will disappear into cyberspace upon the owner's death or serious illness.
Last fall, to combat this concern, we incorporated as a Non-profit Canadian Corporation. As with any corporation, can now live forever under the direction of its Board of Directors which is currently four people.

Growth of the site has been very rapid! Our last announcement in EOGN was December 2009 at which time we had only 23,000 records indexed. In the 24 months since inception the database has grown to over 216,000 indexed records! We have a large group of steadfast volunteers which is ever-expanding with a number of large volume additions to the database in process at this time. has a separate website and database for each province and territory. The site is fully automated so that uploading the photo, editing and transcribing the text from the headstone is very easy and fast. Then, to avoid SPAM and errors, a coordinator approves each entry. The system is designed to be very user-friendly. The database is fully searchable by surname, first name, starts with, contains and even sounds like.
We are seeking:
1.    people like yourself to upload/transcribe any and all headstone photos you may possess – 1 or 1001 photographs
2.    coordinators to assist in "approving" the photos as they are uploaded
3.    volunteers to photograph headstones of cemeteries and upload them
4.    genealogical societies, church groups and others who would like to create a photographic archive of their cemeteries
5.    your assistance to install a link to on any website with which you may be associated

The Canadian Headstone Photo Project is a non-profit educational site. The site is completely FREE for everyone to use and will remain as such. We ask that you patronize our limited number of advertisers which is necessary to financially support this effort. 

The success of this Project depends completely upon the efforts of many volunteers and other individuals who contribute photographs and time to the Project.  Comments, questions and offers of assistance should be directed to Jim McKane at

Bio - Jim McKane
Jim McKane is the President of He has been a genealogist for over 35 years and a member of the Ontario Genealogical Society for many of those years, currently holding membership in three Branches of OGS. He has led a number of genealogy training sessions not only in Ontario but also in Arizona and is currently the webmaster of several genealogy/DNA based websites. Other than the most active of these sites are and

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