Friday, 8 April 2011

Family Tree DNA Update 8 April 2011

(The Ulster Heritage DNA Project uses the Family Tree DNA firm to do genetic testing.  Updates for our lab below)

Family Tree DNA has the largest DNA database in the world for genetic genealogy. As of April 02, 2011, the Family Tree DNA database has 329,073 records. We also have:
  • 101,171 unique surnames
  • 203,473 Y-DNA records in the database
  • 124,230 25-marker records in the database
  • 105,023 37-marker records in the database
  • 46,117 67-marker records in the database
  • 125,600 mtDNA records in the database
  • 14,077 FGS records in the database
Launched on March 4, 2011 – Y Chromosome Phylogenetic Tree Update
We are excited to announce that we have updated our Y Chromosome Phylogenetic Tree to reflect new haplogroup sub-branches!  Family Tree DNA, in partnership with the YCC, periodically reviews known SNPs in order to evaluate those that meet the requirements to be added to the haplotree. The SNPs that passed this review are now included in the haplotree and considered for deep clade testing.
Along with this update to the tree, we have implemented some changes in the ordering process for deep clade and SNP testing:
We now offer a universal deep clade test for $89. This will identify a customer’s terminal SNP for any haplogroup.  If a customer has pending results for a deep clade test, they will automatically be tested according to the new tree.
If a customer has never ordered a deep clade test, they will have the option either to order the universal deep clade for $89 or order individual SNPs from the tree.
Follow these instructions for the new SNP ordering system if you already have results for the first 12 markers of a Y-DNA test–
  • Log in to your “My FTDNA” page and click the ‘Haplotree’ button.
  • If you see the words “You Are Eligible For An Upgrade” then click the “Continue for more information” button which will take you to an order page for the Deep Clade test. 
Or, if you already have Deep Clade results and do not see the “You Are Eligible For An Upgrade” button, you can click “Continue to Choose SNPs.”  If you do not have any SNPs available to order, an alert box will appear letting you know “You currently have no SNPs available to order.”
Family Tree DNA

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