Friday, 25 March 2011

Ulster Heritage Haplogroups

Some basic facts upon the Ulster population haplogroups. 

Your Haplogroup will not show if you are related to someone; it will show distant relationships from thousands of years ago.  Your  haplogroup will also give you an idea of your family's  migration route in the distant past, thousands of years ago.   A Backbone test determines which haplogroup, or major branch of the Y-DNA tree, your paternal line belongs to. It tests the “backbone” of the tree or the SNPs that determine the haplogroup.

Once your haplogroup has been confirmed, a subclade panel test for your particular haplogroup will trace your subclade.  Subclades are determined through SNP subclade testing.

Your haplogroup will not confirm ethnicity as this data relates to generations that lived before early modern or medieval concepts of nationality or ethnicity were formed.  However, there are associations between ethnic groups and haplogroups.

Most of the participants of the Ulster Heritage DNA Project belong to the Atlantic Zone Celtic population as described by Dr John Koch and Dr Barry Cunliffe in their recent books on early western Atlantic Zone people and society. These are the indigenous people of the Isles and the Atlantic western seaboard.  It is from this base population that the 'Atlantic Zone' Celtic societies emerged circa 2,000 BC.  Eventually from this population developed the 'ethnicities' in Scotland and Ireland that we know today and that became the Ulster people.

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