Thursday, 3 February 2011

Joy Dunlop, Rising Gaelic Star

Mu dheidhinn Joy | About Joy

It’s little surprise that 2010 has been described by many as “Bliadhna Joy Dunlop.” (Joy Dunlop’s Year) In addition to winning the prestigious Royal National Mòd Gold Medal, releasing her critically acclaimed solo album “Dùsgadh” (Awakening) and being nominated as ‘Gaelic Singer of the Year’ at the 2010 MG ALBA Scots Trad Music Awards, Joy also found time to entertain a global audience including performances in the UK, Ireland, USA & Canada.

With talents ranging from singing to television presenting, dancing to award-winning Gaelic journalism, Joy certainly has more strings to her bow than most. A multi-prize winning Gaelic singer and popular international performer, she combines her singing with regular media stints and also writing for numerous Gaelic publications. A regular on the traditional music circuit, Joy has won numerous illustrious awards and is as much at ease entertaining audiences at local cèilidhs as performing at major festivals, such as Cape Breton’s ‘Celtic Colours’ and Glasgow’s ‘Celtic Connections.’ In recent years, she has toured the UK & Ireland extensively and also performed frequently in Europe, Canada and New Zealand.

In addition to her solo work, Joy is a dedicated supporter of Gaelic choral music and Scottish step dancing & is a prolific figure in both fields, especially in her native Argyll. With an extensive academic background in Gaelic language and culture development work, she is also increasingly in demand as a teacher, speaker and translator. Lately, Joy has become a familiar face in Gaelic broadcasting, appearing frequently on both television and radio, while her Gaelic journalism was commended at both the Scottish Press Awards and Highlands and Islands Media Awards; a heady combination of achievements that has raised her profile as a new and powerful Gaelic voice.

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