Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Ulster Scots Radio Program

Frae it wus furst pit oot in 2002, BBC Norlin Airlan's A Kist o Wurds haes bin rinnin lang'r nor onie ither Ulster-Scotch programme on tha wireless. Iverie sennicht we bring ye a kist o sangs an music, crack, rhymes an wittins frae aa roon tha hale kintrae. Sae swutch on Radio Ulster fur a guid lissen - an fin oot mair aboot tha leid, tha heirskip, tha screivins an tha hist'rie o Ulster-Scotch.

Since A Kist o Wurds began in 2002, it has been BBC Northern Ireland's longest-running Ulster-Scots radio programme. Each week we bring you a selection of music, poetry, news and crack from all over the country. Tune into BBC Radio Ulster and find out more about the language, culture, literary traditions and history of Ulster-Scots.

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