Wednesday, 15 September 2010

New Albany Mississippi Festival

Hands- on history will be in full swing this week as the 9th annual Heritage Pioneer Days will be held September 17-18 in New Albany at the Union County Heritage Museum, 114 Cleveland St. in New Albany.

Manpower, mule power, making do, shaped note singing, and the ingenuity of the rural heritage of Union County will be live and in person and on exhibit.

Shelling corn, washing clothes with a rub board, visiting a country store, building a log cabin, making rope, churning butter are a few of the opportunities that children will experience at Heritage Pioneer Days.

Old time toys and corn shuck doll making were once the only distractions from chores for children. Today’s youngsters will get to play and make. This year on Saturday there will be contests and trophies to win for sack racing, egg and spoon race, watermelon seed spitting, pea shelling and other such down home fun. Schedule for the Saturday contests is Pea Thumping – 10 a.m.; Pea Shelling – 10:30; Watermelon Seed Spitting – 11:30; Corn Shelling – 12 noon; Sack Races – 12:30; Egg and Spoon Race – 1 p.m.

Shaped Note Singing School will be held at 11 by singing master Stanley Wise.

For more information call 662-538-0014 or go to the website

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