Monday, 23 August 2010

Hamiltons of Kype, Avondale, Lanarkshire

The Hamiltons of Kype in Avondale, Lanarkshire

by Edgar M. Bralley

The Hamiltons are one of the most dynamic families, not only in Ulster, but in Scotland and other parts of the UK. DNA testing have shown the Hamiltons to be a bona fide Norman origin family, as their oral history maintained. The recently completed study of the Hamiltons of Kype, in Lanarkshire, is welcomed addition to the growing body of historical research into the fascinating family.

The ancestry of the Hamiltons of Kype in Lanarkshire, Scotland is now available with the publication of this E-book by Edgar Bralley. Working with other scholars, relying on previously-published books and manuscripts, and undertaking a careful examination of the Register of the Great Seal of Scotland, the Register of the Privy Council of Scotland, testaments and other primary source materials, he has been able to prove a lineage which connects this cadet to the most senior lines of the Hamilton family. In addition, the book contains charts, illustrations, photographs, and is fully-indexed and every word searchable. It contains a veritable goldmine of data on the history of Avondale and the families who lived there. A must-read for anyone interested in Lanarkshire history and genealogy.

This is the first publication of this massive work. It contains 97 letterhead-size pages plus a detailed 17-page index.

To purchase The Hamiltons of Kype in Lanakrshire, Scotland visit this link:

Ulster Heritage E-book.

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