Monday, 24 May 2010

Derry's Bid for UK City of Culture

The Derry-Londonderry bid for UK City of Culture 2013 is due to be delivered to Manchester on Friday and we need your help to get it over the line. Although the bid is currently winging its way to the judges we are gearing up for the final stage – a presentation to the judging panel on 17th June.

We will show the judges how everyone in Northern Ireland has got behind the bid and we still need as much support as possible.

The level of online engagement has been phenomenal and we'll be sharing all your wonderful stories at the presentation.

We'd ask you to keep the online momentum up and this Friday we're hoping for a massive peak in activity which we can use as part of our presentation.

Join us and say Yes for Derry 2013!

On Friday we’d ask you to do the following:

1. Retweet the hash tag #derry2013

2. "Like" us on Facebook » and leave your comments on our page

3. Send our template email to your database or network of friends/colleagues

4. Email us a photo or story of how you've been supporting the bid

Find out what else you can do to help here »

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Ann said...

When you visit Derry, don't forget the GARDENS and visit the Donegal Garden Trail. Good luck in your bid Derry.

Heather said...

Be great if Derry would win the bid for UK City of Culture, to help boost the economy and tourism of the north west of Ireland.

Teresa said...

Come and see the city, it has lots to offer

mary said...

Derry your culture,environment, people,youth & business acumen are the recepie for success. I wish you luck in your bid for UK City of Culture.

hugh said...

13 could be Derry/Londonderry's lucky year and deservedly so. Always a good place to visit, either side of the Foyle. Good luck with the bid!

bob said...

Because Derry City is so famous for it's marvellous musicians and singers it is deserving of the City of culture.

maureen said...

Lovely city.Pity about litter around williams street.

Dr. Henry said...

What might the following mean? Derry, 5296, Ireland