Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The Atlantic Zone Celts

We have had many requests for a link to the Centre for Advanced Welsh & Celtic Studies and information on their current project on the Atlantic Zone Celts. Link below:

Ancient Britain and the Atlantic Zone (Ireland, Armorica, and the Iberian Peninsula)

This fascinating project is the cutting-edge in what's what and the real story about the Celts along the Atlantic seaboard from Iberia along the French coast into the Celtic Isles. Professor Koch, the head of the team, already has out his book, Tartessian: Celtic in the South-west at the Dawn of History. His work is the very latest research upon early Celtic people and their migration and the beginning of the Gaels. Dr Koch uses multiple disciplines, including breakthrough DNA research to offer a factual history. The book is available on Amazon and is highly recommended.

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