Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Gaelic Language in Butte Montana

Irish Language Immersion Week
Where: Montana Tech. Butte, Montana
When: July 17 – 24 2010
Classes: beginning, intermediate and advanced
Cost: Non- credit $280; Credit $425 [two credits]
Accommodation: $25 a night single occupancy; $20 a night double occupancy
Information and registration at
or contact Erin at 406-544-0311.
*Sponsored by The University of Montana, Montana Tech. and The Friends of Irish Studies.
There is a tendency to think of Irish and the use of Gaelic only in large urban areas such as Chicago or New York, but the Irish experience can be found anywhere Gaels have settled over the years. Irish, or Gaelic as we also call it, is a true international language and has been since the beginning of the Diaspora. Few venues for learning language can compete with that in Butte, Montana.

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