Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Canadian Headstone Project News

The mission of this project is to capture digital images and the complete transcription of headstones of our ancestors. As decades pass -- many stones are becoming harder, if not impossible, to read the inscriptions they originally contained.

By archiving the images and transcriptions, we can help save these important records and also assist researchers using this valuable resource.

This Headstone Photo Project is a privately sponsored, non-profit, educational site. Success of the Project depends completely upon the activities of many volunteers and other individuals who contribute photographs to the archive.

It was only 11 months ago when the idea was first envisioned and planning began for a possible website to cover the whole of Canada. Jim McKane contacted a number of his good genealogy friends as a sounding board and the idea grew from there. They had no idea how successful it would become, nor what support the projet would receive.

Congratulations to EVERYONE!! The 50,000 mark has been achieved in record time!

In just 10 months, the volunteers have helped produce one the most successful genealogy websites in Canada!

All that said, the summer months are coming when the volume of submissions will most likely increase along with the better weather across Canada. Therefore, new volunteer coordinators will be needed to assist in the submission approval process.

For further information or answers to questions, please contact Jim McKane -

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