Monday, 19 April 2010

Bluegrass Festival Season

Donovan McCain and Conar McCain performing in Taylor, Mississippi

Bluegrass Festival season is here again. Bluegrass has became a 'category' of music that actually incorporates several distinct styles of music all of which have deep roots in Ulster music. Bluegrass itself is a fairly recent phenomenon, really beginning with Bill Monroe post World War II. It is based on indigenous Southern folk and what is often called 'Old Time' music; all three types, Bluegrass, Southern folk, and Old Time, are a feature of many 'Bluegrass' festivals.

A listing of festivals is available on the State of the Ozarks website.

In recent years musicians from Ireland and Scotland are often included in the venues with their music being categorised generically as 'Celtic Music. In many ways all these types of music are facets of the same original music that is indigenous to Ireland, Scotland, and the Borders of England. The festivals are family friendly, some of the best ones even today feature a very relaxed atmosphere, with blankets on the grounds, picnics, and a lot of socialising and impromptu jam sessions, both with the members of the bands that play and musicians in the audience.

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