Monday, 15 March 2010

UH DNA Project Research Tips

Tips for family historians and genealogists participating in the Ulster Heritage DNA Project.

1) make sure you upload your results into the Ysearch data base, you can do this via your Family Tree page.

2) Use the 'My Maps' feature on your Family Tree page to enter the location of your most distant ancestor. This very handy feature will also bring up your matches and allow you to perform analysis of date to shared paternal ancestor.

3) have your preferences set to allow non surname matches; this is very important, surnames were not fixed in Ulster until quite recently. Gaelic surname will have multiple anglicised forms also. Often you can learn as much from a non surname match as from a surname match.

4) Email all your matches and compare your family histories.

5) Look for a geographic pattern in your matches, often if one can locate a probable geographic point of origin, this will allow you to research the history of a district and this could locate your people. (several families have had great success doing this)

5) make use of genealogy forums to post information about your most distant ancestor; use the Ulster Heritage Forum and any local forums of the geographic area you have an interest in. The main Ulster Heritage web site has the link to the UH Forum.

6) If you need help with Gaelic orthography and etymology email the UH Project.

7) When you reach the point that you need research on records in Ireland and N Ireland the UH Project can put you in touch with trusted researchers that are the top in the field, just email us for details.

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