Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Oldest Known Ulster Ancestor Data

Of interests to participants of the Ulster Heritage DNA Project; the short article below tells how to enter your oldest known Ulster ancestor data on your Family Tree Page so that the information will appear in the results chart.

Oldest Known Ancestors Location for Mapping

If you have taken a Y-DNA or mtDNA test, you can gain more from your test results by entering information about your oldest direct male line or direct female line ancestor. As more people enter their information, the value of the My Maps feature increases.

With My Maps, you can see the ancestral locations of your matches. This information may provide a clue to finding your ancestral homeland, or a clue for further research.

Take a moment today to enter your most distant direct line male or direct line female ancestor information:

Log into your personal page. In the menu on the left, under My Maps, click "Plot Ancestral Locations".

Below the map you will find the entries for your most distant known paternal and maternal ancestors. If you have not made an entry before, the entries will say “No Label Saved” or “No Location Saved.” To add your direct male line ancestor, click the edit button on the left. To add your direct female line ancestor, click the edit button on the right.

Enter your ancestor’s name, date of birth, and date of death. Where a date is unknown, enter date unknown. This is a free form text field, so enter as much or as little information that is known.

Then click "Next Step." In step 2, you will identify the location of your most distant ancestor. You can now enter your location using natural language, such as Dublin, Ireland. You can also still enter the location by latitude and longitude. Choose either "Search by Location Name" or "Enter Latitude and Longitude". We recommend searching by location name.

You will now enter your most distant ancestor’s birth place. Perhaps you only know a general area, such as Ireland, and not a specific location. This is fine, and the pin on map will go in the country.

Perhaps you don't know your ancestor’s birth place, but do know where he or she married or where he or she is buried. Then in Step 1, where you entered information about your ancestor, also add a note that the location is for the marriage or for the burial. This will help the people you match when they see your ancestor’s pin on their map.

Once you have entered the information for your direct male line and direct female line ancestors, click "Maps" in the menu on the left to view your matches’ ancestral locations.

The color of the push pins on the map reflect how closely you match, from red for an exact match to grey for a 7 step genetic distance.

On the upper right is a button called "Map Instructions." Click on this button to get a tour and explanation of the different features of the map.

My Map is an exciting new tool which may help you in finding your ancestral location. For the tool to be very valuable, everyone needs to enter their most distant known ancestor's location. Please take a moment to do this today.

Additionally, your Group Administrator can select an option for the DNA Project web site to display the map of the location of most distant ancestors. If you are a Group Administrator, go to your Group Administration Page. Then click on Family Project Web site. This page is used to set up and maintain your web site. Move down the page, below the boxes, where you will see:

Display Ancestor's (Alleles) Map:
Display Ancestor's (mtDNA) Map:

Check the box to the right of the first line to display the Y-DNA most distant ancestor map. Check the box to the right of the second line to display the mtDNA most distant ancestor map.

The Group Administrator can also view a map of the most distant ancestor or of the participants' locations by going to the Group Administration Page and clicking "View Member Distribution Map."

Those who have tested are encouraged to add their most distant ancestor information today!

My Maps is an exciting step forward for all genealogists. Again, Family Tree DNA is the leader in Genetic Genealogy, consistently investing in new tools, features, and services for genealogists.

Take a few minutes today to enter the location of your oldest known direct line male ancestor and direct line female ancestor so everyone can benefit from My Maps.

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