Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Ulster Heritage DNA Project Update Sept 09

A reminder for our new participants: To view the results please go to our main website (www.ulsterheritage.com), use the menu on the left to access the DNA project and the results.

For those participants that have matches to men with their own surname, we can group you as a family if you wish, just send me an email with the details. One of the goals of the Ulster Project is to gain a better understanding of Gaelic clans, their origins, etc. this is why many participants are listed in family or clan groups.

If you have matches on your 25 marker test and these matches are on the cusp of being a match on your 37 marker test, we recommend that you upgrade to the 67 marker test to clarify a suspected match. In large family groups in which the surname was taken many centuries ago there is the possibility that the 37 marker will not pick up these distant matches, however they will show up as a match on the 67 marker test.

Anyone needing help with Gaelic orthography and etymology send an email to Ulster Heritage and we can arrange a report to be done should you need one. If you get to the point that you feel you need a researcher on the ground in Ireland or N Ireland, also just contact me and I can put you in touch with several professionals there that we work with.

Some other tips; make sure you upload all your markers to Ysearch, this will really help your research as it expands the data base to which you have access. Also, make sure you have your settings so that non surname matches can appear. Gaelic surnames especially have many different forms and variations and you may have a match with a surname very different than the variation that your family uses.

Take advantage of the Ulster Heritage Forum and Newsletter. The Forum is where you can post your family notes and research needs. The Newsletter is run by Jim McKane of Ontario, he places research tips and updates on the project.

For those participants interested in deep ancestry, please read about the Project 8 team at the University of Wales. This team is made up of the leading figures in the fields of early European archaeology, history, genetic genealogy, etc. Dr Barry Cunliffe has joined the team recently and everyone is looking forward to the team’s first publications. They will examine the spread of Celtic people from the Iberian peninsula. The article on Project 8 is found in the July section of the Ulster Heritage Magazine and is titled The Atlantic Zone Celts and it has a link to the University of Wales, Project 8, website.

Barry R McCain

Ulster Heritage DNA Project

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