Friday, 28 August 2009

Celebrate the invention of Irish coffee!

The birth place of Irish Coffee, Jacksons Hotel, Ballbofey

Everyone is welcomed to come to Ballybofey and celebrate the invention of Irish coffee at Jackson's this weekend. Irish Coffee was originated and perfected by the hotels progenitor, Joe Jackson, way back in the late 1940s. As part of this weekend's Twin Towns Festival, Jacksons Hotel is sponsoring a competition for Best Irish Coffee and has announced this will be an inaugural event which will be an annual contest.

After WW II Joe Jackson returned home to his wife Margaret (née Slevin of Ruskey near Convoy), who had bought a hotel in Ballybofey in 1945. The Jacksons started serving Irish coffees and other specialty drinks in their bar and the rest is history. The drink's reputation spread when in the early 1950s, a Scottish motoring magazine, described Joe's amazing new drink.

the very comfortable bar in Jacksons Hotel

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