Friday, 17 July 2009

Mystical Irish Musings Vol 2

Mystical Irish Musings, Vol. 2

Following the success of Mystical Irish Musings Vol. 1, a second volume has been launched.

Vol. 2 follows the same format and style as Vol. 1 and contains 19 interesting and entertaining stories spanning 2½ hours. The package comes on a double CD and contains a six-page photographic insert.

The stories are narrated by the author who is a direct descendant of the Bards of ancient Ireland. They are all true and serve as a vital link between Ireland past and present.

The material will resonate with anyone with a drop of Irish blood (and indeed, those with none!) – those with memories of their own youth and those who listened as children to their parents, grandparents and neighbours.

Some people may find it difficult to visualise a pre-Celtic Tiger Ireland, but Mystical Irish Musings will open a window on a different landscape – social, cultural and historical.

Use the link below for details on all complete series by Brian Mac a' Bhaird.

Mac a' Bhaird

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