Wednesday, 8 July 2009

The Ghosts of Ulster

Ulster is particularly rich, even infested, with ghosts and other paranormal entities. Here are several examples:

The Headless Horseman of Ballymena, seen often on the road leading to the White Gates, in the Crebilly Road area. Usually seen on 31 October, or Halloween, the ghost is reported to be that of a robber who was decapitated by a thin wire pulled across the road while making, what he thought was, his escape. The headless ghost appears on horseback making what he thought would be his escape.

In the field of cryptology is the giant eel of Lough Neagh. This is a very long black creature, its body thickness twice the size of a man's leg. This massive and as yet unknown type of creature has been observed more than once by boaters out on the loch.

The Green Lady is a haunting manifestation that appears near the Erne Bridge in Ballyshannon. Little is know about the Lady, perhaps a Bean from the Tuatha De Dannan who has a particular affection for the location.

On Lough Derg there is a old galley of the type used by the Norse and Gaels in Medieval times, it is seen always travelling north with gentle singing coming from those on board, whoever they may be.

In 2007 Psychic investigator, Mike Hirons, established Paranormal Ulster to investigate the many paranormal events that take place in Ulster. Mike Hirons was led into this field by his own experience with the paranormal. In 1979 he had an encounter with the apparition of his grandmother, seen shortly after her passing. Over the years he witnessed many light anomalies and he decided to explore the paranormal in depth. This particular type of phenomenon has a long history in the north of Ireland and other places in the British Isles and is associated with the Second Sight.

Paranormal Ulster has assembled a team of talented investigators and they are systematically exploring the hauntings and other paranormal events that take place in Ulster. Their website is highly recommended.

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