Monday, 8 June 2009

Ulster Heritage DNA Summer Sale!

Have you ever wanted to participate in the Ulster Heritage DNA Project, to uncover your lost family history, to reconnect with your lost kin in Ulster and the Diaspora?

Well, now is a very good time to pursue your dream as the laboratory that performs the Ulster Heritage DNA testing is running a summer sale on their DNA test.

The prices of the DNA test have been slashed and this is an incredible opportunity that should not be missed. Details are below:

Offer summary:

• Y-DNA37+mtDNA for $119. (The regular project price is $248 – a reduction of more than 50%!!)
• The promotion will begin on June 9, 2009 and will end on June 24, 2009
• Kits ordered in this sale must be paid for by June 30, 2009

With this offer, new members can skip past the Y-DNA12 and Y-DNA25 tests and get the best Y-DNA Genealogical test on the market in addition to an mtDNA test for an extremely reduced price!

To take advantage of this excellent opportunity visit:

Ulster Heritage DNA Project

and click on 'Join UH DNA Project' from the menu on the left. Also, bookmark the homepage to stay up to date on the Ulster Heritage DNA Project. The homepage is located:

Ulster Heritage

Many families of Ulster descent have already successfully reconnected with their family in Ulster today, many families have also successfully uncovered lost family history and genealogy by using DNA testing. This is an excellent opportunity for everyone that has Ulster Heritage.

Barry R McCain
Ulster Heritage DNA Project

2 comments: said...

Is there any way to test hair for DNA for this project? I have a lock of my Father's hair but there are no longer any living male relatives of my surname.

Barry R McCain said...

Yes, the Family Tree lab can do this, but it will not be the normal test, you will have to contact them for the particulars; it is more complex procedure. Good luck with it.