Monday, 1 June 2009

The Brown DNA Project

Arlington, Virginia USA, June 1, 2009
The Brown/Browne/Braun DNA Study announces a program to encourage genealogical DNA tests for men who live in Scotland and Ulster. As part of this program, the contractor for the Brown DNA Study, Family Tree DNA (FTDNA), will offer up to ten free DNA tests for Scottish men, when representatives from FTDNA attend the 2009 "Gathering of Clans" on 25 and 26 July in Edinburgh. The tests will be open to Scottish or Ulster Scots men who carry the "Brown" surname or a variant like Broun, Browning or Brownlee. It's anticipated that additional DNA tests for Brown-surnamed Scottish men will be subsidized later in 2009.
The Brown/Browne/Braun DNA Study is a non-profit, volunteer activity operated by amateur genealogists. Its purposes are (a) to support one another in applying DNA analysis to genealogical research on various "Brown" family lines, and (b) to encourage additional DNA testing by Brown-surnamed men worldwide. The project currently has 567 successfully tested members, plus another six men who are awaiting their first DNA laboratory results.  The bulk of members reside in the USA, while other members live in Canada, Australia, England, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand and Scotland. About 95% of members have been tested by FTDNA, but the project welcomes members tested by other laboratories and companies.
Family Tree DNA is the world's largest genealogical DNA testing firm and has a customer database of more than 150,000 surname-specific (Y Chromosome) DNA tests. The company's main offices are in Houston, Texas. Laboratory work is conducted both at the Houston headquarters and at the University of Arizona, with the latter work under supervision of the University's internationally recognized DNA scientists.
For additional information, contact:
Jim Brown (James A. Brown, Jr.)
Phone: 703-241-4511

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