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The Bann Valley Henry Family

The Bann Valley Henry Family

One of the large family groups participating in the Ulster Heritage DNA Project is the Henry family of the Bann Valley. In the Diaspora they are located across the South of the United States, in Alabama, North Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Texas. The Henry family has had great success locating far flung branches and confirming related lines, but there origins are still a mystery. The appear as a typical Scotch-Irish family that immigrated to Colonial America in the 1700s, yet their DNA results link them to a kinship group of Gaelic families from mid Argyll. The Henrys are related to the McKean/McCain (Mac Eáin) family of Glassary, and the Duncan (Donnchadh) family, also of Argyll; these relationship suggest the Henrys are also a Highland Gaelic family in origins.

The family has only two anglicised forms, Henry and Henrie, with none of the families using the prefixes O or Mac. A study of the primary source records have to date not revealed any insights into the family's ultimate origins. In Ireland they were found along the banks of the Bann. One member of the family has an ancestor that was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1631, but it is not known if he was native to the city or his family had moved there.

There are several Henry families of separate origins in the Bann Valley. The McHenry, i.e. Mac Énrí family, which has also participated in DNA testing, are a sept of the Ó Catháin clan native to the Bushmills area, but are not related to the Bann Valley Henrys.

The family is being studied by the Henry DNA Project. Anyone that has insight into this Ulster family is urged to contact the Henry project administrator:

The Henry DNA Project

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