Tuesday, 31 March 2009

The White Pig Rules!

It has surprised us here at the Ulster Heritage Magazine, but we have discovered that our little white pig icon that we use here (at the bottom of the page in case you haven't seen him yet) has turned out to be surprisingly popular, with people emailing us to ask about him, or where they could obtain something with the little pig on it.

The pig, called An Mhuc Bhán, which means, 'The White Pig,' is one our our two logos (and copyrighted) for the Ulster Heritage project. The wild Boar has long been a totem animal in Ulster and a white pig was, and is, particularly important, some say even lucky.

Our Canadian webmaster, Jim McKane, has worked his magic, and one can now purchase T-shirts, and hats, etc., with the little white pig on them. They can be found here:

The White Pig

Long may his fame endure...

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