Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Only 70 Years Too Late!

A bit of Irish opinion, which I thought was well said below. I've been a traveller in Ireland for some 35 years now, I've always thought it rather daft to put the Gaeilge in smaller print than the English in bilingual signs. What do they think, that Irish speakers have super eyesight? No of course. This comment from Rossa Ó Snodaigh gives you a nice flavour of the real Ireland.
Barry R McCain

Irish eyes

I am delighted that the Government has passed a Bill which orders that the Gaeilge on all government bodies' stationary, signage, logos etc, be either only in Irish or as visible and as big as the English version. Are we to understand from this that the Government no longer believes that Gaeilgeoiri have better eyesight than their counterparts?

Rossa ó Snodaigh; Cluanin Ui Ruairc, Contae Liatroma

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