Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Ivan Knox and Senator McCain

left to right, Letitia Knox, John Barr TG4, Ivan Knox himself, Aine of TG4, and Celine McGlynn of the Finn Valley Voice newspaper (standing)

Ivan Knox was interviewed recently concerning his relationship to Senator John McCain by TG4 (Teilifis Gaeilge 4). Ivan Knox as many know is a writer, poet, and historian from the Finn Valley in County, Donegal. His mother was Sarah Knox née McKane and Ivan has the many Finn Valley McCains among his cousins.

Ivan Knox is one of the most knowledgeable men there is concerning the families and clans of the Finn Valley. His kinship to the McCains has been to subject of much of Ivan's research in the last few years and he and Letitia, his lovely wife, have hosted several McCains that have traveled to Donegal from the Diaspora to visit the land of their people.

The Knox home in Donegal has become the
de facto headquarters of the McCain family. Ivan Knox has been even been in contact with Senator McCain. Ivan is also a participant of the Ulster Heritage DNA Project and recently found a host of new Knox relations in the American South. Jackson's and Kee's in Ballybofey are getting used to hearing the slow soft accent of Southern American speech as these McCains and Knoxes enjoy the Finn Valley.

Ivan Knox is noted for his honesty and frank talk and his views of being interview are:

…I was interviewed for TnaG last Friday and was shown on their news item in the evening news, but, they cut the tripe out of it and only showed about 3 seconds of the total interview while Obama got 3-4 minutes time. I rang the station and complained bitterly about this kind of conduct but got nowhere, I then demanded that they return the full tape that they took during the interview and they conceded to that. …
It is sad to see TG4 lower themselves to such partisan bias, but TG4 and their spin doctors have met their match in the Finn Valley.

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