Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Ulster Heritage Surname Reports

Ulster Heritage Surname Reports Available

Many times one’s DNA results are hard to understand and analysis is needed. This is especially true when dealing with Gaelic names that have multiple anglicised forms and non-surname matches. Valuable facts and family connections are some times overlooked or not understood, because of a lack of understanding of Gaelic etymology, orthography, and onomastics.

For an example; one participant surnamed Boyd that had a close non surname match to a McCaw family. This would have little meaning for most researchers, but a historian and Gaelic speaker would make sense of this. Boyd is often a Gaelic locality surname, given to people from the Isle of Bute, i.e. Bòideach in Scots Gaelic and Búiteach in Irish Gaelic. The surname often just means someone from the Isle of Bute.

A surname of one of the main clans on Bute was Mac Ádhaimh, which is often anglicised as McCaw. This Gaelic surname is an alternative form of the surname Mac Ádaim and means son of Adam and is a Celtic saint’s name. A family surnamed Boyd with a high quality DNA match to a McCaw family would strongly suggest the family’s origins and connections are to the Isle of Bute. This focuses the research to those areas of Bute were the McCaws lived and gives the participant a course of research. The recruiting of more McCaws on Bute or of Bute descent could reveal even more of this family’s history and with hopefully produce cousins in Ireland or Scotland.

A simple report in which your DNA results is looked at with consideration of the Gaelic etymology, orthography, onomastics and how they relate to your matches, can often help considerably. These reports are available for the fee of US$100. Contact Barry R McCain

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