Friday, 12 September 2008

Sarah Palin and The Ó Síoráin Family

The Palin Family

The Ulster Heritage web site, and our online Ulster Heritage Magazine, receive a lot of email and phone inquires about the Irish ancestry of both John McCain and now Sarah Palin. We have already posted a short article on John McCain's ancestry, which is indeed Irish and from County Antrim. The McCain family still has many cousins in Ireland.

It is true that Governor Sarah Palin also has Irish ancestry. Her mother's name is Sarah Heath née Sheeran.

Sheeran is the anglicised form of the Donegal and Fermanagh surname Ó Síoráin and you can also find the surname spelled in a slender vowel form, Ó Sírín. Now my Irish is pretty good these days, but I admit, I do not know the meaning of the root name Síorán.

I have not researched in depth her ancestry, but believe her Sheeran family immigrated to the USA during the Great Famine. So, yes, both Senator John McCain and Sarah Palin have ancestors from Ulster.

Barry R McCain

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Anonymous said...

It comes from "Sior" which means "long-lasting."