Thursday, 18 September 2008

The Donegal Knox Family

Right, Ivan and Letitia Knox of Corcam, the Finn Valley, Donegal

The Ulster Heritage DNA Project had a dramatic DNA match on 17 September 2008, between the Knox families of the Finn Valley to a large group of Knox families located in the southern United States. The Ulster Heritage DNA Project has located ten families in this Knox kinship group.

Dwyane Knox, left, who lives in the Boston Mountains, east of Fayetteville, Arkansas, was very pleased to learn of his kinship to Ivan Knox of Corcam, County Donegal. Dwayne Knox seen here during a military awards ceremony honouring his service in Viet Nam

One interesting aspect of genetic genealogy is often you can find both ends of a genealogical rope and still not have the entire middle. The dramatic DNA results successfully connected these Knox families in the South to their kinsmen in Ireland, but many of the details concerning the immigration generation remain to be filled out.

Current research is focused on a group of Knox families that arrived on the Earl of Donegal out of Belfast. The ship left Ireland in early October, 1767 and arrived in Charleston, South Carolina on 10 December, 1767. The crew and passengers presented their papers to the local authorities on 22 December, 1767 and entered the Colony. There were 294 passengers, all Irish Protestants and with one Knox family aboard and two Knox men aboard without families.

Any Knox families that believe they are connected to this Finn Valley, Donegal, Knox family are urged to contact the Ulster Heritage DNA Project.

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