Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Congratulations Mac !!!

John McCain won the Texas Republican primary on Tuesday, 4 March and clinched the number of delegates needed to win his party's presidential nomination. John McCain’s family emigrated from north County Antrim to the Colonies circa 1719 and it is always good to see Antrim descendants doing so well. Senator McCain’s experience and wisdom will serve him well in the upcoming presidential contest. He is unique in that he had a career, that of naval pilot, prior to entering the world of politics. The story of his bravery and service in the face of extreme hardships and danger is well known.

Also a nod to his opponent Governor Huckabee for running a good and honourable campaign that kept important issues at the forefront of the race. An interesting sidebar, Governor Huckabee’s wife’s maiden name is McCain. While there is no known relationship to Senator McCain’s family, both families hail from the Deep South and research done by the Ulster Heritage DNA Project have shown most of the McCains from the Deep South come from the north Antrim McCain family, some interesting research waiting to be done there perhaps.

John McCain has had an interest in Ireland for many years, to use his words… I count myself as a friend of Ireland… (photo, John McCain with the Taoiseach)

Barry R McCain

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