Friday, 1 February 2008

Scots Irish Oral History Project Seeks Participants

Dr Michael Roe of Seattle Pacific University and who is a research fellow at the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland has put out a call for participation in a project that will study Scots-Irish oral history and self-perception. The new study will ‘listen’ to personal and family stories. He is looking for men and women 18 years old and older who are 1) of Scotch-Irish ancestry, 2) consider themselves to be Scotch-Irish, 3) are interested in their Scotch-Irish history and family stories, and 4) are willing to describe their experiences and be storytellers in the traditional Scotch-Irish tradition.People in Ireland and in the Diaspora are encouraged to help with this research.

Those interested in participating or if you need additional information, please contact Dr Roe at:
Michael D. Roe,
Ph.D.Professor of PsychologyDean,
School of Psychology, Family and Community
Seattle Pacific UniversitySeattle, WA 98119
U.S.A.Phone: (206) 281-2252
Fax: (206) 281-2695

Dr Roe's own ancestry is Scotch-Irish and his people from County Armagh. They immigrated to Philadelphia in the mid 19th Century. This is a great opportunity to particpate in living Scotch-Irish traditon. The project with run through July 2008.

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