Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Welcome and Failte...

Welcome and Failte to the UlsterHeritage Blog. UlsterHeritage is the work of Barry McCain and Jim McKane, two men of Ulster ancestry. Barry’s people left county Antrim circa 1720 and Jim’s left northern Tyrone in the 1830s. The two men were early participants in the Ulster Heritage DNA Project and discovered they were cousins and they successful located a branch of their family that remained behind in Ulster. Both men are available for seminars and speaking engagements and their contact data is available from the links. Barry lives in Oxford, Mississippi and is one of the well known Mississippi McCains and Jim lives in Ontario, Canada, is a noted Moose hunter and kinsmen to the also well known New Brunswick McCains. Enjoy your visit here, come back often, and feel free to contact us with your suggestions and comments.

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